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HydroViz is an educational 'virtual' hydrologic observatory developed for a 'real' watershed. It is based on integration of field data, remote sensing observations and computer simulations of hydrologic variables and processes. The main purpose of HydroViz is to support hydrology education in engineering and earth science courses. HydroViz is designed to be used in junior/senior level courses within Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences curriculum, and can also be used in introductory-graduate courses. The educational modules can be introduced to the students at different stages within a single course, where each module can serve as an educational companion to the technical subject covered by the instructor. For example, in an Engineering Hydrology class, the HydroViz module on 'Exploring Field Equipment' can be assigned to the students while the instructor is covering a textbook chapter that deals with hydrologic measurements. Similarly, the instructor can use the first four modules that focus on watershed physiographical characteristics to support students learning of basic watershed concepts beyond pure textbook coverage of such topics. For junior/senior level courses, HydroViz modules on runoff analysis and Curve-Number calculations can be used as real-world example applications to supplement homework problems typically assigned for hypothetical watershed sites. Advanced modules in HydroViz (e.g., remote-sensing observations and numerical model simulations) are more appropriate to be covered at senior-level courses or a first-year graduate course. The entire suite of modules in HydroViz can used in a graduate-level course for students to refresh and review their prior knowledge on the subject matter and reemphasize concepts that may have not been covered in their undergraduate curriculum. HydroViz is fully web-based, web-accessible with Google Earth embedded into it. It can run on a typical desktop computer with internet access and doesn't require any specific software packages.

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