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Ten Things We Know About Learning and Their Implications for Geoscience Education part of SERC Print Resource Collection
J. Michael, H.I. Modell
Learning and memory have been issues of central concern to psychology since the late 19th century. Over the past 40 years the development of cognitive science has greatly accelerated the pace of ...

Research on Learning: Ways Of Learning:Cooperative Learning, Instructional Design:Scaffolding, Ways Of Learning:Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential, Instructional Design:Constructivism, Ways Of Learning:Verbal, Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning, Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning, Affective Domain:Learning Environments, Cognitive Domain:Knowledge Transfer

University Students' Conceptualization and Interpretation of Topographic Maps part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Douglas Clark, Stephen Reynolds, Vivian Lemanowski, Thomas Stiles, Senay Yasar, Sian Proctor, Elizabeth Lewis, Charlotte Stromfors, James Corkins
(from the abstract) This study investigates the strategies and assumptions that college students entering an introductory physical geology laboratory use to interpret topographic maps, and follows ...

Research on Learning: Spatial Intelligence:Maps, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning

Development and Evaluation of Where are We?: Map-skills Software and Curriculum part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Kim Kastens, D. Kaplan, K. Christie-Blick
Improvements in the instructional materials used in the prototype version of the Where are We program were accomplished through formative evaluation. These improvements include replacement of ...

Research on Learning: Instructional Design, Assessment:Classroom Methods, Ways Of Learning, Spatial Intelligence:Maps, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning

Spatial Ability and Earth Science Conceptual Understanding part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Alice A. (Jill) Black
Relatively little research has considered the relationship of spatial abilities with common misconceptions and broader conceptual difficulties in the Earth sciences. This article from the Journal of ...

Research on Learning: Geoscience Expertise:Geologic Time, Complex Systems, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning, Spatial Intelligence

Questions and Conjectures Concerning Models, Misconceptions and Spatial Ability part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S. Dyche, P. McClurg, J. Stepans, M. L. Veath

Research on Learning: Spatial Intelligence, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning

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