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Assignments & Discussions

Homework to complete before the May session (by April 23rd)

Contribute to discussions for these topics:

Due by January 31 in preparation for the Introductory Session

    All participants must complete this survey prior to the workshop (by January 31st to provide us time to compile and report on results at the first session). You will need a SERC account to access the survey.

To complete anytime before, during, or after the Introductory Session

To complete before the March session

  • Review this series of videos on Heat Transfer and think about what you like best and least in these videos. Contribute to the discussions for these two topics by March 3rd at the latest, so they can be reviewed and summarized for the March 7th presentation:
    • What are common issues that appear in video that make them difficult to watch or listen to?
    • What are things that really work well and make you want to engage more?
  • Continue work on group project and prepare version for review in next meeting
  • Start working on a 1-to-2-minute video that will be submitted in April and showcased during the last session in May

To complete before the April session

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