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Understanding wetlands part of Activities
Students collect soil samples from in and around wetlands, make visual observation, divide soil cores into sections (depending on the soil type), dry, sieve, and analyze samples. Have students identify ...

Urban Geology: Environmental Issues, Geologic History, Principles of Geology

Discovering Plate Boundaries part of Activities
Discovering Plate Boundaries is a classroom activity designed to introduce students to the process of observing and classifying data, in addition to the fundamentals of plate tectonics.

Urban Geology: Geohazards, Geologic History, Principles of Geology

Finding connections between current events and earth sciences part of Activities
Class creates a list of all current events, including topics from their countries of origin. The next task is to find the connections between the events and categorize events based on the connections. Finally, as a ...

Urban Geology: Connections with Non-Science Disciplines, Resources, Geohazards, Geologic History, Principles of Geology, Land Use

GeoSleuth Murder Mystery part of Activities
A simple way to introduce both the principles of geology and the nature of scientific inquiry in a classroom murder mystery.

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Urban Geology: Geologic History, Principles of Geology

Sandbox modeling part of Activities
Students deform layers of colored sand to simulate features they observe in city. They construct topo maps and cross-sections based on the results of the sandbox experiment. The model is then the basis for ...

Urban Geology: Geohazards, Geologic History, GIS, Geologic/Geophysical Mapping, Land Use, Principles of Geology

Geology of the Fargo-Moorehead Region part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is a website created by University of North Dakota - Fargo faculty member Dr. Donald Schwert detailing the urban geology of the region surrounding Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN. There is a good ...
Urban Geology: Principles of Geology, Geologic History

Geoantiquites: Concepts and Applications for Education in the Urban Landscape part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Abstract - A geoantiquity is a natural record of Earth history that documents environmental change. Geoantiquities are typically expressed as classic geomorphic landscapes shaped by surficial ...

Urban Geology: Geologic History

Overcoming Challenges of Teaching Earth History Classes for Teachers in a Rock-free, Urban Environment part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Abstract - Instructing university-level Earth history to future teachers is made all the more difficult when it is being done in an urban environment devoid of any local rock outcroppings. At the ...

Urban Geology: Geologic History