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Landslide Hazards part of Activity Ideas
Alison Henning Topic: Landslide hazards in the U.S. Course Type:intro upper level Description The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to various maps related to landslide hazards in the United States, ...

Community Monitoring part of Activity Ideas
Laura Serpa Topic: Urban environmental awareness Course Type:intro upper level Description Introduce students to concepts or hypotheses like the 'urban heat island' (D. Yow, 2007) and other ...

Musical World Tour part of Activity Ideas
Don Yow Topic: mapping Course Type:intro Description Students will listen to several music clips with each having one or more place names (try to include various musical styles). Students will write down the place ...

Geology and Fine Arts part of Activity Ideas
Solomon A. Isiorho Dept. of Geosciences, Indiana University - Purdue University Ft. Wayne (IPFW) Fort Wayne, IN 46805 Topic: urban wetlands and the arts Course Type:intro upper level Description Have arts students ...

Correlating building stone type with building age to introduce the concept of dating rocks using index fossils part of Activity Ideas
Contributed by: Wayne Powell, Brooklyn College Topics: building stones, rocks, rock properties, correlation, relative and absolute dating, index fossils, geologic history Course Type: introductory level This ...

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