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Greenproofing part of Activities

Urban Geology: Connections with Non-Science Disciplines

American Museum of Natural History - Field Trip Assignment part of Activities
Self-guided field trip assignment to AMNH (largely based on the museum's teacher's guide for high school students)

Urban Geology: Principles of Geology

Urban Planning 101: Map Appreciation part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Teaching Materials Collection
This is a synthesis activity, providing closure to river and/or map units. Students will begin by looking at a series of maps, including 3D maps. They will brainstorm ways the natural world may interact with humans ...

Urban Geology: GIS, Geologic/Geophysical Mapping, Land Use

ConcepTest: Natural Response to City Growth part of Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience:ConcepTests:Examples
A rapidly growing city within a humid climate zone experiences a land use change from predominantly crop land to mostly urban/suburban. A likely natural response would be: a. Increased infiltrationreduced ...

Urban Geology: Environmental Issues, Land Use

Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America part of Cutting Edge:Data, Simulations and Models:Workshop 03:Activities
Kara Salazar Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Center for Earth and Environmental Science - The Lilly ARBOR Project is an urban riparian restoration project designed for use as an outdoor ...

Urban Geology: Environmental Issues

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