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Biotechnology of Algae part of Goals Database
This course will introduce students into the field of applied biology using algae systems. In this interdisciplinary course, students will learn about algae in general, cultivation of algae, products of algae, and ...

Historical Geology part of Goals Database
Introductory Historical Geology

Natural Disasters part of Goals Database
A study of various environmental hazards, their causes, impacts on humans, and mitigation.

Geochemistry part of Goals Database
This course is an introductory geochemistry class that focuses on the application of basic chemical principles and problem-solving to geochemical systems.

Geological Perspectives of the Historic Buildings of New York City part of Goals Database
This course is an exploration of the urban architectual landscape of NYC that will intergrate aspects of petrology and resource geology with the history of NYC's settlement patterns and ever-expanding trade ...

Forensic Geology part of Goals Database
Course is designed to acquaint students with various methods of instrumental analysis, and their limitations. Laboratory exercises require students to actually make use of a variety of instruments, or to carry out ...

Geochemistry part of Goals Database
This course will provide an introduction to the topics that are normally covered in a college geochemistry course, but will serve as a substitute for economic geology as well. The primary focus will be to give ...

Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards part of Goals Database
This is a topical course covering plate tectonics and associated hazards such as eartquakes, volcanic activity, and secondary hazards such as tsunami, landslides, etc. A companion topical course covers surficial ...

Earth System and Climate part of Goals Database
An introduction to global climate change with an Earth Systems approach. The focus will be current climate change put into the context of climate change at a geologic time scale.

Geology of National Parks part of Goals Database
Overview of topics in physical geology within the context of North American National Parks. Semester-long course with weekly lectures (3) and lab periods for 20-25 students. Significant field component includes 3 ...

World Natural Environments part of Goals Database
World Natural Environments is an entry level introduction to physical geography course, covering weather/climate, geomorphology, hydrology and biogeography. The course is based on five case studies (Weather and ...

General Science 30 Independent Research part of Goals Database
Faculty-mentored independent library or laboratory research in one of the science disciplines or an interdisciplinary science. Students will prepare a final project for presentation.

Environmental Volcanology part of Goals Database
After a brief introduction to volcanology students learn the relationships between plate boundaries and plate intriors and volcanism. Next seven major volcanic hazards and what can be done to mitigate them is ...

Introduction to Earth Science part of Goals Database
This course is an introduction to earth sciences for non-science majors. The broad disciplines of geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy are explored in the context of an interacting earth system ...

physical geology part of Goals Database
Investigation of processes of Earth changes. 3 hrs lect+3 hrs lab/week. 18-28 students/semester; 15 week semester.

Introduction to Earth Science - Online part of Goals Database
This is an online course using on online text with built in active learning exercises. Student work includes both individual and group assignments and projects and students are expected to participate in course ...

Conservation GIS part of Goals Database
This course is designed to prepare conservation workers and scientists how to acquire, organize and manipulate geographic information using GIS technology.

Oceanography part of Goals Database
This course examines the oceans and related marine environments from a Earth System science perspective. Selected selected oceanic settings will serve as the focal point for a more in-depth examination of ocean ...

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology part of Goals Database
This is a junior-level igneous and metamorphic petrology course that is meant to give students practical and theoretical backgrounds for identifying, classifying and interpreting igneous and metamorphic rocks, ...

Practical Mineralogy part of Goals Database
Hand-specimen identification of minerals. Society's dependence on and utilization of mineral resources. Field trips required. (From the course catalog)