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Mammoths and Mastodons
This activity was developed during the Teaching Climate Change from the Geological Record workshop, held in August 2010.Contributed by Susan Conrad, Alison Smith, and Stephanie Peek Topic: Mammal biogeography and ...

Climate, Ecoregions, and the Mammals Who Live in Them
This activity was developed during the Teaching Climate Change from the Geological Record workshop, held in August 2010.Contributed by Jonathan Hoffman, Beth Johnson, and Mark Merrit Topic: Studying mammal ...

Clam Dissection
Roy Plotnick, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dissecting a living clam to see how soft parts and life mode can be reconstructed from the preserved shells. Note: clams are purchased at a local market.

Fauna of Waulsortian Mounds
Damon Bassett, Missouri State University
This is a field trip to local exposures of potential waulsortian carbonate mud mounds. The students will prepare by reading 1-2 publications on the subject and then we will travel to see and collect samples from ...

A Traverse Through Time and Space: A Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Devonian Strata in New York State
Tara Curtin, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
This is a field-based mini-project that requires students to synthesize their field data to 1) determine the depositional environments both across New York State (from the Catskills, NY to Rochester, NY) during ...

Sedimentary Petrology Field Trip to Gravel Quarry near Rotterdam Junction, NY
Dr. Paul Ryberg, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Sedimentary Petrology: one field trip involves visiting an exceptional glacial outwash gravel quarry, where students measure, identify and count clast types, measure cross-bedding directions, and examine the early ...

Mapping of LSU Field Camp
Dan Kelley, Bowling Green State University-Firelands
This is a one week mapping exercise of the exposed bedrock geology of the 1400 acre Charles Barney Geology Field Camp owned by the Department of Geology & Geophysics at Louisiana State University. It is ...

Understanding Geologic Maps
Cara Burberry, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Exercise in deconstructing a geologic map & writing a geologic history of the area.

Make a Model Fossil
Anne E. Flynn St. Charles Borromeo School St. Anthony Village Minnesota Based on an original activity from Harcourt Science 2006. Page 215
This activity is a combination outdoor/indoor lab where students will collect natural materials from the environment and use them to create both a mold and cast model of a fossil. Students will learn how a fossil is formed and why scientists use models to help them understand how things work and develop.

Investigating Fossils and living organisms
Chris Bakke, Clearbrook-Gonvick Elementary, Clearbrook, MN, created by me - to fit MN standards on Fossils vs living organisms
In this lab, students will observe and compare fossils with living organisms.