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Earth System Topics: Time/Earth History

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    Evidence for Plate Tectonics
    David Smith, GLOBE; Franklin Kao; Missy Holzer
    DATA: Sea Floor Age, Volcano and Earthquake Distributions. TOOL: My World GIS. SUMMARY: Identify relationships among sea-floor age, earthquakes, and volcanoes to understand how they support the theory of plate tectonics.

    Creating Custom Map Images of Earth and Other Worlds
    LuAnn Dahlman; Lou Estey, UNAVCO
    DATA: Planetary images and geodesy data. TOOL: UNAVCO's Jules Verne Voyager Map Server. SUMMARY: Generate maps of Earth or any of 19 other planets and moons. Save and import images into presentations or reports.

    Annotating Change in Satellite Images
    LuAnn Dahlman
    DATA: Landsat Images. TOOL: ImageJ. SUMMARY: Examine time-series images that show landuse changes in China. Produce a map documenting how human activities have changed the coastline.

    Measuring Distance and Area in Satellite Images
    LuAnn Dahlman
    DATA: MODIS Imagery. TOOL: ImageJ. SUMMARY: Examine images of the Aral Sea from 1973 through 2003. Use image analysis software to measure changes in the width and area of the freshwater lake over time.

    Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
    Christine Massey, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
    Christine A. Massey Perkins Geology Museum–University of Vermont - The Landscape Change Project works with middle and high school students to archive physical landscape change in Vermont. Students work with ...

    Old Sticks in the Mud: Hazards of Lahars from Mount Rainier Volcano
    Patrick Pringle, Centralia College
    Volcanic debris flows (lahars) flow long distances, bury and aggrade river valleys, and cause long-term stream disturbances and dramatic landscape changes. Students will evaluate the nature, scale, and history of ...