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Floodplains in the field (with GIS)
Mary Savina, Carleton College; Brian Welch
In this GIS-enhanced lab, students measure a topographic and geologic cross-section across a floodplain by simple surveying and auguring techniques. -

Learning how to use resistivity soundings for interpretation of subsurface stratigraphy
Remke Van Dam, Michigan State University
This activity uses a combination of field measurements, lab experiments and simple modeling to develop an understanding of electrical resistivity methods as a tool in geology and hydrology. Students work in groups ...

Investigating the Geologic History of Southeast Minnesota by Constructing a Geologic Column
Amanda Ludeman
This activity is a field investigation where students gather data on rock types and geologic formations to construct a geologic column that will help them to interpret the geologic history of the Cannon Falls area.

Developing a local stratigraphy
Mary Savina, Carleton College
Students use field lab periods to construct a composite stratigraphic section of the area surrounding their campus. -

Assembling a Geologic History
Mary Savina, Carleton College
Assemble a regional geologic history by compiling observations made a several sites. -

Woolly Mammoth Excavation and Lab Work
Janis Treworgy, Principia College
students participate in authentic research project w/ scientists students learn scientific process through experience students participate in all aspects of the project including problem solving

Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach GeoscienceAn Illustrated Community Discussion
ZABEL, Garret & WHITE, Sylvia Colorado Mountain College-Roaring Fork Campus
This is a 10-day field experience class that focuses on the geology of the Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau, culminating in a rim-to-rim backpack trip across the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Here we see it, but what's beneath? Effective geologic cross-section problem solving
Rob Benson, Adams State College
Students will use suface observations from a map to locate subsurface features using geologic cross-sections using topographic profiles, surface data, assessment of variables and data quality. Students will produce a standard scientific report describing the nature and conclusions of the project.

Stratigraphic Architecture of Table Rock, Boise, Idaho
Sam Matson, Boise State University
In the GEOS 315 – Sedimentology and Stratigraphy course at Boise State University, students conduct field research over a period of 4-5 weeks at Table Rock, a prominent sandstone plateau and popular hiking ...

Building a Local Stratigraphic Column: A research-based assignment for an introductory course
Jennifer Hargrave, Southern Utah University
Students build a stratigraphic column for a pre-selected area through the compilation of a series of individual research projects. Students are required to conduct introductory field research as well as a ...