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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Axis of Ridge part of Examples
This is part of a magnetic profile across an oceanic ridge system. The profile shows both positive and negative anomalies. Based on the symmetry of the patterns, where is the axis of the ridge located? a. A b. B c. ...

ConcepTest: Changing Magnetic Inclination part of Examples
The location of the magnetic North Pole migrated slowly northward over the last century. Assuming that you live in North America, how did magnetic inclination readings of your city change between 1904 and 2004? a. ...

ConcepTest: Magnetism Across Oceanic Ridge part of Examples
The figure below represents a magnetic profile across an oceanic ridge system. The profile is a plot of (A) distance from the oceanic ridge vs. (B) _________. a. magnetic declination b. magnetic intensity c. ...

ConcepTest: Mantle Convection part of Examples
Which of the schematic diagrams below best represents mantle convection associated with plate tectonics? a. b. c. d. e.

ConcepTest: Linear Mountain Range part of Examples
In exploring a new planet, you discover a long, linear mountain range crossing a broad low-lying area that is interpreted to represent an ancient basin. Predict what type of plate tectonic feature this represents. ...

ConcepTest: Which is not a Mineral? part of Examples
Which of the following can not be classified as a mineral? a. salt b. ice c. diamond d. glass

ConcepTest: Oxide Identification part of Examples
Which of the following mineral formulas represents an oxide? a. FeS2 b. KAlSi3O8 c. Fe2O3 d. CaSO4 - 2H2O

ConcepTest: Igneous Process Identification part of Examples
An ice cube melting in hot tea is analogous to which igneous process? a. fractional crystallization. b. assimilation. c. partial melting. d. intrusion.

ConcepTest: Is Window Glass a Mineral? part of Examples
Window glass is composed of SiO2. Is window glass a mineral? a. Yes b. No

ConcepTest: Relative Time Diagram #2 part of Examples
Match the features in the relative time diagram below with the events described in the short sentences. Assume all rocks are sedimentary unless otherwise indicated. Which unit was formed before A but after E? a. C ...

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