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ConcepTest: Ocean Element Profiles - 1 part of Examples
Which element could have a depth profile in the ocean that looks like this? A. Oxygen, an element produced during photosynthesis B. Barium, an element required in trace amounts for micro-organisms C. Nitrogen, a ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Element Profiles - 2 part of Examples
Which element could have a depth profile in the ocean that looks like this? A. It probably has a source from the atmosphere B. It is probably an essential nutrient for phytoplankton C. It probably has a source ...

ConcepTest: Box Modelling: Fluxes & Turnover Times part of Examples
Which of the following is true of the simplified ocean-atmosphere water cycle depicted in the box model below? A. There is a net flux of water from ocean to atmosphere. B. There is a net flux of water from ...

ConcepTest: Calculating Stream Discharge part of Examples
What is the discharge of a stream in a rectangular channel that has a cross-sectional area (width x depth) of 60 square meters, that is 40 kilometers long, and has a velocity of flow of 5 meters per second? a. 105 ...

ConcepTest: World Oceans #10 part of Examples
Examine the map of the world's oceans and use it to answer the following question. A shipment of rubber elephants falls overboard in the southern Pacific Ocean at location H on the map. Ocean currents will ...

ConcepTest: Streamflow Velocity Change After Channel is Narrowed part of Examples
A stream channel is narrowed by bridge construction. How will the velocity of flow change if the depth and discharge of the stream remain constant? a. velocity will increase b. velocity will decrease c. velocity ...

ConcepTest: Effect of Ice Sheet on Sea Level part of Examples
During the last ice age there was a large ice sheet over much of Canada and the northern U.S. What was the effect on global sea levels? a. Sea level was higher b. Sea level was lower c. Sea level was the same as ...

ConcepTest: Stream Discharge Gauges #2 part of Examples
Four stream gauging station locations are shown on the adjacent map (A, B, C, D). Assume the bedrock and topography is similar for each stream system. Predict which station is most likely to record the least ...

ConcepTest: A Pebble in a Stream part of Examples
A pebble in a stream a.must be a sedimentary rock. b.must have formed in the stream. c.must be younger than the stream channel. d.may represent any type of rock.

ConcepTest: Effect of Rain on Sea Level part of Examples
A majority of Earth's water is in the oceans. Predict what would happen to sea level if rain fell continuously all over the world's oceans. a. Sea level would rise b. Sea level would fall c. Sea level ...

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