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General schedule

Below, you'll find the bare bones of the Forum schedule in chron order so that you can see at a glance what is planned for which days. We will replace this general schedule with a detailed program page as the Forum approaches.

Saturday, June 14 - pre-Forum field trips and workshops

Field trip: Pseudotachylyte from the Homestake Shear Zone, Colorado (Joe Allen)

Sunday, June 15 - pre-Forum field trips and workshops

Field trip: Contractional linkage zones and curved faults, Garden of the Gods, with illite geochronology exposé (Christine Siddoway and Elisa Fitz Díaz)

Workshop: Strain programs for teaching and research (Fred Vollmer, Matty Mookerjee, and Paul Karabinos)

Workshop, half day, morning: Structural and tectonic analysis with Google mapping technologies (Declan De Paor and Carol Simpson)

Workshop, half day, afternoon: Teaching with Visible Geology, an interactive online tool for visualizing 3D geologic block models (Rowan Cockett and Barbara Tewksbury)

Monday, June 16 through Wednesday June 18 - main Forum sessions

The daily schedule for the main part of the Forum will follow the general pattern listed below. You can see the specific topical sessions for each day on the workshop Sessions page.

Thursday, June 19 - post-Forum field trips and workshops

Field trip: Proterozoic metamorphism and deformation in the Northern Colorado Front Range (Kevin Mahan, Graham Baird, and Julien Allaz)

Workshop: The application of shear sense indicators in shear zones (Cees Passchier)

Workshop, half day, morning: Ar-Ar datiing of illite, a method to date faults and folds formed in the upper crust (Elisa Fitz Díaz)

Workshop, half day, afternoon: Using real geodesy data in undergraduate structural geology and geophysics courses (Vince Cronin )

Friday, June 20 - post-Forum field trips and workshops

Field trip: Laramide crustal detachment and thrust tectonism, with applications to natural fracturing in Rocky Mountain resource plays (Eric Erslev)

Workshop: Teaching structure lab with linear algebra and simple computing (spreadsheets) (Rick Allmendinger)

Workshop (at UNAVCO): Introduction to terrestrial laser scanning (ground-based LiDAR) for Earth science research (Chris Crosby)