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Workshop Application

Applicants for this workshop must have a faculty position at a two- or four-year college or university and either teach a course in sedimentology, geomorphology, paleontology, marine geology, or paleoclimatology or have expertise in one of these disciplines plus experience in integrating the discipline in a significant way into courses in the curriculum above the introductory level. We welcome applications from all academic ranks. The workshop is limited to 70 participants, and the final list of participants will be established with the goal of assembling a group representing a wide range of experiences, educational environments, and specialties.

The National Science Foundation provides funding for the operational costs of the workshop. To be supported by these funds, participants must be either a US citizen, a permanent resident, or in the employ of a US institution. If you don't meet these requirements and are interested in participating in a workshop at your own expense, please contact the workshop conveners.

If you are accepted for the workshop, you will be asked to complete a registration form to provide us with more information.

Complete the following form and click on SUBMIT to complete your application. Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before leaving this page or your information will be lost. We encourage you to compose your answers to the longer questions in a word processor and to cut and paste the resulting text into this form. This gives you access to conveniences like spell checking as well as the opportunity to save and reflect on your work before submitting.

Application Deadline: February 17, 2014

While the application deadline has passed, we will continue to accept applications as long as we have space available.

Contact Information

(Please Note: Your email address is what we use to track your application and participation in the workshop. Be sure to use the same email address in all forms relating to your workshop participation. This email will also be our primary means of communication with you. Please double-check that you have typed it correctly.)
Your Expertise and Interest in the Workshop

Expectations for Workshop Participants

Part of the aim of the workshop is to build a strong, reviewed online collection of high quality resources for teaching concepts in sedimentology, geomorphology, and paleontology. By applying to this workshop, you agree, if accepted, to:

  • submit two activities or assignments by April 15 to our online assignments and activities collection.
  • review two assignments submitted by other workshop participants.
  • submit one course syllabus by April 15 for an undergraduate course.
  • contribute as you can to our other resource collections.
  • bring at least one informal poster to the workshop (topics to be announced) and make an oral presentation if asked.

Race (select one or more):

Disability status (select one or more):

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