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Modeling Slope Stability Using a Local Landslide and SLOPE/W

Sarah Johnson, Northern Kentucky University
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Students survey a local landslide that has formed in fill using a total station. Students enter elevation data from pre-fill (1973) topographic map, post-fill pre-landslide topographic map (1983) into SLOPE/W. Students model the slope stability and compare the modeled slip surface with their field observations.



This activity is used in my geomorphology course for geology majors

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We do this activity after discussing the role of cohesion, internal friction and pore water pressure, and have solved some relatively simple factor of safety problems using excel. We take a field trip to observe and/or survey landslides close to campus before starting this project.


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Link to SLOPE/W software

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students are assessed based on their participation and effort in the field, their drawn topographic profiles, their landslide map, and their report on their slope modeling.

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Link to SLOPE/W software

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