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Teaching Activities

These activities were submitted by workshop participants. Click here to see the full Cutting Edge collection of Teaching Activities.


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Measuring Sedimentary Structures for Paleocurrent Reconstruction
Kyle Fredrick, California University of Pennsylvania
This is a combination field/lab exercise for an upper-level Sedimentology course. Students will use Brunton compasses to collect structural and sedimentological data. Orientation data will be analyzed using Rose ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology

River Connections: Sharing Science through Film
Gabrielle David, Boston College
Students are given the opportunity to learn a process-based approach to river research, by developing research questions about river form and function in Maine. Students filmed themselves while collecting and ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Fossil Jeopardy
Leigh Fall, SUNY College at Oneonta
This activity is an invertebrate fossil review in the format of Jeopardy to provide a fun opportunity for students to prepare for their fossil practical.

Topic: Paleontology

Tree Ring Data and Environmental Variables
Erica Bigio, The University of Arizona
This activity uses Bristlecone pine tree-ring data to understand how tree growth is related to environmental variables. It can be used to test hypotheses about how tree growth has been increasing with increasing ...

Topic: Paleoclimatology

Grand Strand Geology and its impact on Beach Nourishment
Martin Farley, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Brief analysis of the geologic setting of the Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and vicinity) coast and the limited occurrence of sand suitable for beach re-nourishment. Students use a USGS Fact Sheet to ...

Stream Morphometry, Stream Flow, Stream Competence
Alec Aitken, University of Saskatchewan
This exercise combines field activities (i.e., topographic survey of a point bar; sediment sampling with a soil auger), laboratory analysis (i.e., particle size analysis of fluvial sediments), topographic map ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Aeolian Processes
Alec Aitken, University of Saskatchewan
This activity explores the environmental variables that influence wind erosion. Key words: aeolian, fluid threshold, impact threshold,sedeiment entrainment and transport, particle size analysis

Topic: Geomorphology

Quantification of Critical Shear Stress
Lonnie Leithold, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
This is a lab activity designed to give students experience with the concept and quantification of critical shear stress.

Topic: Geomorphology, Marine Geology, Sedimentary Geology

Glacier Goo Erosion Experiments
Rachel Headley, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Using a glacier proxy, students design an experiment to connect glacial erosion with glacial flow. Students choose from a variety of materials, determined what question they want their experiment or experiments to ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Stoke's Law Problem Set
Rachel Headley, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
This is a problem set that involves the calculation of velocities from a Reynolds number, determination of Stoke's Law applicability, and calculation of settling velocities for a variety of grain sizes and ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology

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