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Teaching Activities

These activities were submitted by workshop participants. Click here to see the full Cutting Edge collection of Teaching Activities.


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Lag to peak with a stream table
Amanda Schmidt, Oberlin College
Students use a small stream table in groups to investigate how channel form determines the shape of the hydrograph (including lag to peak). They use three channels: no channel (just sediment filling the table), a ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Picture Matching Fossils
Elizabeth Rhenberg, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Teaching the students how to picture match fossils and to use the Treatise to find more information. Students are given a wide range of fossils to look at and appropriate material to match their fossil to an image ...

Topic: Paleontology

Classifying Fossils Using Everyday Objects
Elizabeth Rhenberg, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Students in a groups determine which everyday objects are related to each other.

Topic: Paleontology

Candy Phylogeny
Lisa Whitenack, Allegheny College
Students learn how make phylogenetic trees from morphological data using a variety of candy. Techniques and concepts learned include outgroup analysis, making a character matrix, coding characters, parsimony, ...

Topic: Paleontology

Wind Landforms
Lisa Tranel, Illinois State University
In this assignment, students evaluate depositional and erosional landforms created by wind processes. This exercise looks at sand dune and yardang features using satellite images and topographic maps in an online ...

Moraine Sediments
Lisa Tranel, Illinois State University
In this assignment students look at the provenance of glacial sediments and the size and shape of clasts to investigate the sources of moraine material and what happens as glaciers transport sediment. Students ...

Stratigraphic Section Investigation
Alex Lechler, Pacific Lutheran University
This lab exercise provides a hypothetical, regional stratigraphic section for students to interpret with regards to depositional environment and tectonic change through time. The assignment is designed to develop ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology

Earth Science in the News Investigation
Alex Lechler, Pacific Lutheran University
This is a writing assignment intended to get to students to think about the relevance of Earth Science to their everyday lives. Students are asked to read a short news article, selecting 1 of 3 articles provided as ...

Topic: Paleoclimatology, Geomorphology

Mechanisms of Evolution
Rene Shroat-Lewis, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
This exercise uses simple experiments to examine the process of natural selection, which is driven by variation in genetic traits within a population, the potential for offspring to inherit traits from their ...

Topic: Paleontology

River Connections: Sharing Science through Film
Gabrielle David, Boston College
Students are given the opportunity to learn a process-based approach to river research, by developing research questions about river form and function in Maine. Students filmed themselves while collecting and ...

Topic: Geomorphology

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