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Teaching Activities

These activities were submitted by workshop participants. Click here to see the full Cutting Edge collection of Teaching Activities.


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Drag Coefficient Estimates Using a Smoke Wind Tunnel
James King, Indiana University-Bloomington
This lab exercise utilizes a small (and relatively easy to make) wind tunnel with a fog tracer that helps students visualize the flow dynamics around obstacles. In this exercise the use of cylinders perpendicular ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology, Geomorphology

Dredge Planning Using Sub-Bottom SONAR
Brad Hubeny, Salem State University
This project is designed to give students valuable geophysical experience in conducting an environmental assessment of a real-world problem. A scenario is developed in which students work for "Viking ...

Topic: Geomorphology, Marine Geology, Sedimentary Geology

Estuarine Salinity Distribution and Classification Project
Brad Hubeny, Salem State University
This is a field and lab activity in which students collect CTD data in a local estuary, contour the data, and analyze the results to classify the estuary based on standard classification schemes.

Topic: Marine Geology

Trilobite Ontogeny Lab
Samantha Hopkins, University of Oregon
This lab explores ontogenetic differences in trilobites, requiring students to measure and describe differences in the sizes of different morphological features as trilobites age. Students will also reinforce ...

Topic: Paleontology

Fossil Systematic Description Project
Samantha Hopkins, University of Oregon
Students describe an unknown vertebrate fossil (or fossils, if multiple specimens are necessary for identification). This exercise is the culmination of their lab studies in the morphology of the vertebrate ...

Topic: Paleontology

Exploring sea level change in Google Earth
Lonnie Leithold, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
This is a short activity that uses Google Earth to explore sea-level change as measured by tidal gauges around the world

Topic: Sedimentary Geology, Marine Geology

Exploring Barrier Islands in Google Earth
Lonnie Leithold, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
This is an exploration in Google Earth of the links between barrier island morphology and wave and tidal energy.

Topic: Geomorphology, Marine Geology, Sedimentary Geology

Synthetic soup ground trace fossils
Clint Cowan, Carleton College
This is a lab exercise where students make synthetic trace fossils (using fishing lures) that was presented as a scientific study: BIOGENIC SEDIMENTARY STRUCTURES PRODUCED BY WORMS IN SOUPY, SOFT MUDS: OBSERVATIONS ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology, Paleontology

History of the Gulf of Mexico "Dead" Zone
Martin Farley, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Student analysis of the last 1000 years of the Gulf of Mexico hypoxia zone (informally "dead" zone) by using relative abundance of low-oxygen tolerant benthic foraminifera. In this example of ...

Topic: Paleontology

Sand, Sieves, and Fracking
Margaret McMillan, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Students analyze the physical characteristics of sand to determine if it is suitable for use in hydraulic fracturing.

Topic: Sedimentary Geology

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