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Teaching Activities

These activities were submitted by workshop participants. Click here to see the full Cutting Edge collection of Teaching Activities.


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End of course critter exam
Rene Shroat-Lewis, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
In order to pass the paleobiology class, students must pass a critter test, which contains 25 different fossils. Students are asked to identify the fossils in as detailed a manner as possible.

Topic: Paleontology

Comparing subsidence rates in different tectonic settings
Liz Hajek, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
Think-pair-share and jig-saw activity asking students to study and compare subsidence curves from different tectonic settings.

Topic: Marine Geology, Sedimentary Geology

When should we move the marina?
Tom Hickson, University of St. Thomas (MN)
In this assignment students use real world data to solve an applied problem in geomorphology. They use ArcGIS and time sequential aerial photography to determine when a marina on Lake Mead must be moved to avoid ...

Topic: Sedimentary Geology, Geomorphology

Karst Landscapes of the Interior Low Plateaus
David Franzi, SUNY College at Plattsburgh
This laboratory exercise examines the linkages between ground and surface water hydrology and landscape evolution in the Interior Low Plateaus Region of Kentucky. The exercise focuses upon the origin of Mammoth ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Sand Stories
Hilary Christensen, Bates College
The objective of this project is to use a sample of sand from a give are to tell its geologic history. Each student is given a 50 mL tube of sand labeled with the latitude and longitude of where it was found. They ...

Topic: Geomorphology, Sedimentary Geology

Field Museum Assignment
Hilary Christensen, Bates College
The assignments consists of three essay questions, of which the students were required to complete two of their choice. During a trip to the Field Museum, Chicago, the students were required to use the museum ...

Topic: Paleontology

stream hydrology field lab
Anne Carey, Ohio State University-Main Campus
In this lab we take a brief field trip to Adena Brook, a first order tributary of the Olentangy River in central Ohio. We observe the stream, its setting, its bedrock, determine some stream velocity profiles, and ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Exploring hypsometry in glacial and fluvial environments
Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth
This laboratory exercise explores the topographic signature of fluvial and glacial landscapes in different tectonic environments. Students develop a list of mountain ranges around the world to explore, then extract ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Google Earth Tectonic Landforms
Kyle Fredrick, California University of Pennsylvania
This activity from a Geomorphology course is designed to familiiarize students with using Google Earth, as well as making the connection between features they see in a map or satellite view vs. what they might see ...

Topic: Geomorphology

Tectonic Geomorphology: Exploring activity on the San Andreas fault with ArcGIS
Tom Hickson, University of St. Thomas (MN)
In this activity students develop an hypothesis as how slope morphology reflects the timing of motion on a fault, in this case the classic Wallace Creek segment of the San Andreas. It is a scaffolded, problem-based ...

Topic: Geomorphology

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