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Syllabus Quiz part of Online Teaching:Activities for Teaching Online
Karin Kirk, Carleton College
This quiz helps students make sure they understand the important policies of the course before they embark into the course. Because students in online courses need to digest all of the course rules by reading ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Power Source part of Energy:Energy Activities
Steven Semken, Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus
In this lesson-opening activity, students or groups are tasked to make concept sketches that track the source of electrical power as far back as they can conceive. The concept sketches reveal students' prior ...

CLEAN Selected This activity has been selected for inclusion in the CLEAN collection.
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Using eJournal writing assignments to assess learning and classroom community part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Ed Laine, Bowdoin College
About every two weeks I ask each student in my introductory course to write brief responses to questions I pose to them. They write these in an e-Journal, a part of the blog function of BlackBoard. My laboratory ...

Warm-up part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Paul Price, University of Wisconsin Washington County
These are questions of many types I assign on reading. They are due before class begins.

Carousel part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Ed Laine, Bowdoin College
The "carousel" is a classroom activity I use to assess how well students have absorbed the last week's material and/or how well prepared they are for an upcoming exam.

Take home final, using FossilPlot part of Courses:Paleontology:Activities
Leif Tapanila, University of Utah
Final exam take-home assignment uses FossilPlot to access the Sepkoski Database to identify patterns of extinction and survival that allow the student to develop an argument for a naturalistic cause of a mass ...

Intro to Environmental Geology Writing Assignment part of Enhance Your Teaching:Student Learning: Observing and Assessing:Activities with Rubrics
Mary Savina, Carleton College
Students in an introductory environmental geology class research the Dust Bowl, analyze information and data and develop a written argument.

Concept Test: Mid-Ocean Ridges part of Visualization:Examples
Kim Kastens, Education Development Center
Single item multiple choice questions, based on mid-ocean ridge bathymetric data, suitable for using in the middle of a lecture to assess students' learning of basic plate tectonic concepts.

Geological Map Problem part of Student Learning: Observing and Assessing:Activities
Robert Filson, Green River Community College
This is a lab activity that is designed to help introductory, non-science majors integrate their geological knowledge near the end of the course. In this activity, students work in self-selected groups of up to four per group on the history of a sketch geological map.

Lab using Volcano Scenarios: Hazard Maps and Communicating Risk part of Student Learning: Observing and Assessing:Activities
LeeAnn Srogi, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
This is a lab activity in which small groups of students work with maps, rocks, photographs of volcanic deposits, and textual data to construct a hazard map and a risk communication plan for a specific volcano. Each group is assigned a "volcano scenario," which is based on real volcanoes.

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