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Problem Solving and Problem-based Learning Journal Club: End of Series Survey

Please reflect on this journal club series and let us know what worked well and what needs improvement. Your input is valuable to us as we plan future journal clubs. Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. However, we ask you to enter your name below. This will improve our ability to evaluate the program by allowing us to link information about your overall journal club experience to your responses to other evaluation instruments (for example, the roadcheck). The journal club conveners will not see your name in conjunction with your responses; they will only see the aggregate data, compiled by our evaluation team. You may, of course, fill out the form anonymously if you prefer; we'd rather have anonymous data than no data.

Why motivated you to participate in this journal club? Check all that apply.

Website and TechnologyThe following questions ask you about your experiences with the Cutting Edge website.

GoalsPlease rate to the extent you agree with the following statements with 4=Agree and 1=Disagree.

I believe the goals of the journal club series as stated were met:

Please comment on any of your ratings, particularly if you disagreed with any item (rated any a "1" or "2").

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