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This is a collection of educational resources used in igneous and metamorphic petrology courses. The collection includes lab exercises, classroom activities, problem sets and more. The purpose of this collection is to allow for the sharing of materials within the community of petrology teachers. You can


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Problem set: Constructing metamorphic phase diagrams using phase equilibria and the Clausius-Clapeyron equation part of Teaching Examples
Mark Brandriss
In this problem set students construct a P-T phase diagram for the aluminosilicate polymorphs based on experimental phase equilibria and application of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation. The problem set uses unit ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Metamorphism of siliceous dolostone: An example from the Alta stock, Utah part of Teaching Examples
Cameron Davidson, Carleton College
In this exercise students study the low variance mineral assemblages from the contact aureole of the Alta stock to learn how rock and fluid compositions control mineral assemblages during contact metamorphism.

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Field Guide to the Dutchess County, NY, Barrovian Sequence part of Teaching Examples
Donna Whitney, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
This is a field guide used for a field trip to explore the Barrovian sequence in Dutchess County, NY.

Metastability during metamorphism (reading a metamorphic petrology paper from the literature) part of Teaching Examples
William Peck, Colgate University
I use this problem set as a way to introduce students (mostly sophomores) to reading a technical article from the literature. The paper is Austrheim, H, 1987, Eclogitization of lower crustal granulites by fluid ...

Learning Thermodynamics and Using Spreadsheets part of Teaching Examples
Sumit Chakraborty and Somnath Dasgupta
These files contain a set of three Excel files to balance mineral reactions, to explore variation of thermodynamic properties as a function of P, T and composition and to explore stability of different mineral ...

Metamorphic Rocks Lab part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
Ann Hadley, Manchester Community College
Students describe rock characteristics and determine if a rock sample is metamorphic. If it is, they determine the parent rock. If not, they describe what it would change into as a metamorphic rock. The whole class ...

Igneous Dike and Metamorphic Rock Lab and Field Project part of Teaching Examples
Mary Roden-Tice, SUNY College at Plattsburgh;
This is a semester-long lab and field project to study the petrology, petrography and tectonics of the Mesozoic dikes and intrusives, and Precambrian granulite facies metamorphic rocks from the Champlain Valley, ...

Progressive metamorphism of pelitic rocks: A lab assignment to facilitate translation from AFM space to P-T space part of Teaching Examples
Jane Selverstone, University of New Mexico-Main Campus
This is an example of a lab activity aimed at teaching students how to go from natural samples to AFM diagrams to P-T conditions of equilibration.

Pet Rock Project: A Semester-long Exercise for Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology part of Teaching Examples
Darrell Henry, Louisiana State University
The pet rock project is a semester-long project in which each student randomly selects an igneous or metamorphic rock from the instructor or brings in a rock from an appropriate locality, and follows all of the ...

An Isograd and Mixed-Volatile Exercise Using Data from the Ubehebe Peak Contact Aureole part of Teaching Examples
William Peck, Colgate University
This is a problem set for an introductory or advanced petrology course. It uses field data to help teach the determination and balancing of mixed-volatile reactions and locating isograds in siliceous dolomites in a ...

Phase Diagrams part of Teaching Examples
Dexter Perkins, University of North Dakota-Main Campus
This is a somewhat lengthy homework assignment that introduces students to phase diagrams. It is a tutorial that stands alone and does not need much introduction.

Metasomatism: Marble Hosted Talc Deposits part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:AGU Modeling Workshop 2010:Activity Ideas
David Mogk, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University Topic: Metamorphic petrology, metamorphic processes, mass balance, metasomatism Course type: Upper level undergraduate course or graduate level ...

The Mountain View area of the Stillwater Complex as a field teaching model part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Teaching in the Field:Field Trip Collection
I. S. McCallum, University of Washington
The Mountain View Area of the Stillwater Complex as a Field Teaching Model: I. S. McCallum, University of Washington Intended Audience: Geology majors: I will assume that most students in this group who make the ...