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Examining chromite horizons at the Stillwater mine

This collection of internet resources is intended to help faculty in teaching or designing petrology courses. Many of the resources are lecture notes or PowerPoint presentations that are illustrated with useful diagrams, graphs and figures. There are also course syllabi, petrology projects, and on-line galleries of photomicrographs.

Suggest a URL of an internet resource for this collection. These links may not necessarily have instructional activities associated with them, but they could support teaching of igneous and metamorphic petrology. Examples may include links to government agencies, professional societies, institutions, and include images, maps, databases, tools and reports.


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Metamorphic Facies and Metamorphosed Mafic Rocks part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This 72-slide PowerPoint presentation discusses mineral assemblages and metamorphic facies in terms of temperature and pressure changes. Eclogite, granulite, amphibolite, blueschist, greenschist, ...

Introduction to Metamorphism part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This 83-slide PowerPoint presentation introduces metamorphic agents and changes. Stress, strain, tension, compression, and shear are discussed as well as the lineation or foliation that results from ...

The Rock Record and Time part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This collection of individual slides uses annotated diagrams, tables and photographs to provide an overview of topics related to geologic time. Created by Dr. Vincent J.M. Salters at Florida State ...

Precambrian and Mesozoic Plate Margins: Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, with field guides for the 8th International Conference on Basement Tectonics part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This volume describes the geology along the routes of two field trips. The papers in the first part of the volume take the reader from the Stillwater Complex across the Beartooth Plateau, to the ...

The Stillwater Complex, Montana: Geology and Guide part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This Special Publication contains a geological synthesis of the Stillwater Complex and gives detailed directions to, and descriptions of, outstanding exposures. It is intended to provide the ...

Thermodynamics part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This 37-slide PowerPoint presentation covers thermodynamics in metamorphic rocks. Gas phases are described in terms of gas pressure-volume relationships in light of the ideal gas law. T-X ...

Metamorphism of Pelitic Sediments part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This PowerPoint presentation includes 30 slides discussing metamorphism in pelitic rocks. The presentation uses AKF diagrams to describe Barrovian zones of metamorphism in metapelites. Metamorphism ...

Island Arc Magamatism part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This 50 slide PowerPoint presentation introduces the basic structural facets of an island arc system. Magma series (tholeiitic, alkaline, calc-alkaline) and differentiation within magma series are ...

Metamorphic Reactions, Isograds, and Reaction Mechanisms part of SERC Web Resource Collection

These lecture notes cover types of metamorphic reactions. Topics discussed include univariant and divariant reactions, mineral compatibility diagrams (AFM ternary), metamorphic reaction mechanisms, ...

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