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Examining chromite horizons at the Stillwater mine

This collection of internet resources is intended to help faculty in teaching or designing petrology courses. Many of the resources are lecture notes or PowerPoint presentations that are illustrated with useful diagrams, graphs and figures. There are also course syllabi, petrology projects, and on-line galleries of photomicrographs.

Suggest a URL of an internet resource for this collection. These links may not necessarily have instructional activities associated with them, but they could support teaching of igneous and metamorphic petrology. Examples may include links to government agencies, professional societies, institutions, and include images, maps, databases, tools and reports.


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          Geology Online Laboratory Manual part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          The 16 labs in this manual cover specific subjects from a range of topics including mineralogy, sedimentology, litho- and biostratigraphy, vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, relative dating, ...

          Status of Mineral Resource Information for the Crow Indian Reservation, Montana part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          This US Department of Energy report provides information about the status of mineral resource information for the Crow Indian Reservation in south-central Montana. Information is included about the ...

          GeoDIL: A Geoscience Digital Image Library part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          The Geoscience Digital Image Library (GeoDIL) is a searchable collection of Earth science images intended as a general teaching resource, to specifically facilitate virtual field trips, to enhance ...

          Interactive Rock Cycle Animation part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          This highly simplified Flash animation displays some of the most common rock-forming processes. Embedded animations include crystallization of magma to form igneous rock, rock erosion to create ...

          Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          The Virtual Microscope was developed for undergraduate teaching of petrology and geoscience at the Open University in the United Kingdom, allowing students to explore rock hand specimens and thin ...

          The Rock Record and Time part of SERC Web Resource Collection

          This collection of individual slides uses annotated diagrams, tables and photographs to provide an overview of topics related to geologic time. Created by Dr. Vincent J.M. Salters at Florida State ...

          Middle Proterozoic Belt Supergroup, Western Montana part of SERC Print Resource Collection
          From Great Falls, to Butte, Helena Glacier National Park and Spokane, this field trip crosses onto the leading edge of the Rocky Mountain thrust belt and proceeds to the stratiform copper-silver ...

          Behavior and Ecology of the Northern Fur Seal part of SERC Print Resource Collection
          This book contains very detailed information about the ecology and behavior of Callorhinus ursinus, the northern fur seal. Information provided in this book is based on the long-term study of ...

          Journal of Natural Toxins part of SERC Print Resource Collection
          The Journal of Natural Toxins (JNT, 1992-2002) published original papers on all aspects of toxins, allergens and related compounds of natural origin, including toxicological research on any natural ...

          Geomagnetic Polarity Epochs; Pribilof Islands, Alaska part of SERC Print Resource Collection
          This paper compares geologic, radiometric, and paleomagnetic methods of dating and stratigraphic correlation in the Pribilof Islands, Alaska. Detailed information on radiometric dating of basalts is ...

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