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Materials Physics Lab

University of Dayton Research Institute

Contact Information

Dr. Andrew W. Phelps




Instrument Type

ELECTRON MICROBEAM - SEM scanning electron microscope (including BSE, back-scattered electron detector)
ELECTRON MICROBEAM - EDS energy dispersive spectrometer
ELECTRON MICROBEAM - TEM transmission electron microscopy, including SAED small area electron diffraction, and AEM analytical electron microscopy



Mineral structure (atomic) Micro-imaging

Typical Use:

Full spectrum EDS mapping with EDAX ultrathin window detector. Semi-quant analysis down to boron. Scanning TEM mode suited to low Z-contrast samples.

Conditions for Use:

Submitted samples will be analyzed on a contract basis (i.e. lab personnel will do the work)

User Fees:

Contract analysis is expensive but contact lab manager for current rates.

Instrument Priorities:

Schedule Priority: 1. Mission Critical US Gov., 2. Critical Industrial, 3. Funded Projects and Visitors

Remote Use:

Sample Preparation:

Uses powdered or specially thinned samples. Typical TEM sample thickness is less than 300 nm. Contact lab manager for details.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:


Emispec State-of-the-Art control, data acquisition, and analysis system. Direct digital image capture in conventional and scanned modes. Film required for electron diffraction.

Educational Use:

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