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Welcome Use this thread to try out this format  

Hi everyone,

This thread is here just so you can try a test post. You can attach a file if you like. You can also edit your post after you've submitted it.

We will be using several discussion threads throughout the workshop, so you will want to be facile with this format.



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Greetings from Nebraska/South Dakota. Karin... thanks for setting up this workshop. I am looking forward to "the sharing of ideas".



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I too am looking forward to this workshop!


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Good morning from sunny, hot Texas! I'm looking forward to working with all of you.


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Good afternoon everyone.

I expect to be out of touch part of Monday and all of Tuesday, so I'm checking in now to make sure I have the hang of things and am ready to start right up on Wednesday morning.

Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to working with all of you next week.



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Hi All -- looking forward to an interesting week -- either with you all, or on a Jury (hopefully the former!)


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Hi everyone-
The timeing of this course is perfect for me--I start teaching online next Monday!


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Testing, and looking forward to the activities.


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Hi Everybody,
Just got back from watching our local short season single A team win their first game of the season! No small feat since they are affiliated with the Pirates. I love summer! And I'm looking forward to this workshop, too! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points!!


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Hi Everyone-
Really wanted to take this workshop! I apologize in advance that I won't be able to make all of the synchronous sessions but will try my best- I'll be teaching class!


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Hello! Looking forward to learning from everyone's experiences. I'll be in and out of a board meeting Thursday / Friday so apologies for slow postings.


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No Jury Duty. Woo hoo! See you all on-line.


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I've never taught online, but will be teaching 1 course online this fall so it's very timely for me too. I have no experiences to share, unfortunately.

annie holmes


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Hello from the sunny shores of northern California.

Look forward to the workshop.

Don Reed


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Looking forward to this! I'm teaching right now, so I'll have to miss a few of the morning sessions, but will try to catch up!

~Selby Cull


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Have not taught online (although I use Blackboard extensively in face to face classes - and will also with the switch to Desire2Learn). Our department currently allows only 1 or 2 courses in the online environment and so far lab courses have NOT been allowed to go into the online format. So I am on a fact finding mission to provide feedback and best teaching practices for our discussions.


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