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Web-based Resources for Teaching the Ocean System

This is a general collection of web sites that relate to teaching oceanography at the undergraduate level. Please let us know about your favorite oceanographic web sites.


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    CCM3 T170 Cloud and Precipitation Simulation part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    This simulation, from NCAR, shows global patterns of water vapor and precipitation as they change throughout the year. Users may also view the simulation by month.

    Mix and match: how climate selects phytoplankton part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    This is a research article from the journal Nature on the link between climate-driven physical processes and evolution of microbial communities in the ocean. Topics covered include oceanic nutrient ...

    Melting Sea Ice part of CLEAN Collection

    This activity uses a mix of multimedia resources and hands-on activities to support a storyline of investigation into melting sea ice. The lesson begins with a group viewing of a video designed to ...

    Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature part of CLEAN Collection

    In this classroom activity, students access sea surface temperature and wind speed data from a NASA site, plot and compare data, draw conclusions about surface current and sea surface temperature, ...

    Tropical Atlantic Aerosols part of CLEAN Collection

    Students use real satellite data to determine 1) where the greatest concentrations of aerosols are located during the course of a year in the tropical Atlantic region and 2) their source of origin. ...

    Modeling the oceanic thermohaline circulation with STELLA part of CLEAN Collection

    In this activity for undergraduate students, learners build a highly simplified computer model of thermohaline circulation (THC) in the North Atlantic Ocean and conduct a set of simulation ...

    Using Satellite Images to Understand Earth's Atmosphere part of CLEAN Collection

    In this Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter, students select, explore, and analyze satellite imagery. They do so in the context of a case study of the origins of atmospheric carbon monoxide and ...
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    Great Ocean Conveyor Belt: Part II part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    This podcast features the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt and potential impact of an increase in fresh water (from melting sea ice the Arctic) entering the North Atlantic. It includes interviews with two ...

    Gulf Stream Heat Budget and Europe's Mild Climate: A Problem-based Learning Activity part of CLEAN Collection

    In this role-playing activity, learners are presented with a scenario in which they determine whether the Gulf Stream is responsible for keeping northern Europe warm. They must also address the ...

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