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Web-based Resources for Teaching the Ocean System

This is a general collection of web sites that relate to teaching oceanography at the undergraduate level. Please let us know about your favorite oceanographic web sites.


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Subject: Oceanography

Ocean Environments

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    ReefBase, A Global Information System on Coarl Reefs part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    ReefBase is an online information system dedicated to coral reefs. The site aims to facilitate sustainable management of coral reefs and related coastal/marine environments. Included are data and ...

    Abrupt Climate Change: Should We Be Worried? part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    This whitepaper from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, focuses on the possibility of abrupt and dramatic climate change and the effects of such a shift. The whitepaper includes several ...

    BBC In Depth: Hurricane Katrina part of SERC Web Resource Collection

    This BBC News clearinghouse website provides a wide variety of information regarding Hurricane Katrina. Information includes news stories, scientific analysis and background, eyewitness accounts, ...