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Web-based Resources for Teaching the Ocean System

This is a general collection of web sites that relate to teaching oceanography at the undergraduate level. Please let us know about your favorite oceanographic web sites.


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Stratigraphic Cross Section of Northeast Texas part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of Northeast Texas provide important clues about paleogeography, paleotectonics, and sea level fluctuation. This website describes several of these rock units and the ...

PETDB: Petrological Database of the Ocean Floor part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This web page provides an interactive petrological database of the ocean floor. The ultimate goal is to provide a robust, complete reference data library for the petrology and whole earth science ...

EarthRef: Website for Physical and Chemical Earth References part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The EarthRef web site contains several online databases, downloadable modeling tools, and more. The databases include GERM (Geochemical Earth Reference Model), the EarthRef Digital Archive, the ...

Stephen Giovannoni part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The site features a research profile of Stephen Giovannoni, Professor of Microbiology and Director of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program at Oregon State University. Giovannoni

Mix and match: how climate selects phytoplankton part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is a research article from the journal Nature on the link between climate-driven physical processes and evolution of microbial communities in the ocean. Topics covered include oceanic nutrient ...

Corals and Coral Reefs part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site from the Sea World Education Department provides an overview of corals and the reefs that they form. Many aspects of these invertebrates are covered, including descriptions, their ...

Diatom Collection part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The California Academy of Science department of invertebrate zoology and geology provides a list of diatom genera with photos of representative species and bibliographic references. The catalog ...