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Web-based Resources for Teaching the Ocean System

This is a general collection of web sites that relate to teaching oceanography at the undergraduate level. Please let us know about your favorite oceanographic web sites.


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Online Lecture Notes on Waves part of SERC Web Resource Collection

These lecture notes from a physical oceanography course at Flinders University in Australia briefly define, describe and classify waves. Topics include wave classification, descriptions of waves, ...

The Ocean That Surrounds Us part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site contains links to course information, outlines, summaries and computer-based drills and exercises, called Virtual Voyages, for an Introductory Oceanography class at San Francisco State ...

Oceanography - Marine Geological Processes part of SERC Web Resource Collection

A first year course in oceanography with extensive Internet resources. Topics covered include: principles of thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics, and ...

Dr. Robert Stewart's Physical Oceanography Class Page part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This homepage for an introductory physical oceanography course provides the class syllabus, an outline of clearly defined learning goals, and an interactive lecture schedule with links to text and ...