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      Sally Salivates Seashells by the Seashore- Ocean Acidification and the Effect on Sea Shells
      Rus Higley, Highline Community College, and Vanessa Hunt, Central Washington University
      In this lesson we review "Acids and Bases" taught in a previous lesson and, through a scientific method, will look at the impact of an acid on different types of shells. Students will reinforce previous learning of scientific principles including acids/basis and will develop a real experiment using the scientific method.

      How Biodiverse is Lake Superior? An exercise in proportions.
      Stephanie Kajpust
      Students use critical thinking and algebra to measure and evaluate the biodiversity in Lake Superior.

      Salt Marshes: estimation techniques using basic algebra and geometry
      Yelena Meadows; Sharareh Nikbakht
      The activity allows for learning about salt marshes ecosystem and practicing of basic math in estimations.

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