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      How Biodiverse is Lake Superior? An exercise in proportions.
      Stephanie Kajpust
      Students use critical thinking and algebra to measure and evaluate the biodiversity in Lake Superior.

      Salt Marshes: estimation techniques using basic algebra and geometry
      Yelena Meadows; Sharareh Nikbakht
      The activity allows for learning about salt marshes ecosystem and practicing of basic math in estimations.

      Sally Salivates Seashells by the Seashore- Ocean Acidification and the Effect on Sea Shells
      Rus Higley, Highline Community College, and Vanessa Hunt, Central Washington University
      In this lesson we review "Acids and Bases" taught in a previous lesson and, through a scientific method, will look at the impact of an acid on different types of shells. Students will reinforce previous learning of scientific principles including acids/basis and will develop a real experiment using the scientific method.

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