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A scholarly approach to critical reading of geoscience literature

Developed by: Bill Rose; Jen Sablock; Francis Jones; Dave Mogk; Laura Wenk; Linda L. Davis
Developed at the 2008 workshop, The Role of Metacognition in Teaching Geoscience.

For population: Upper level geoscience majors committed to working in the discipline and are therefore interested in the research aspect (writing well is inherent in this group)

Description of the tactic:
An active reading exercise in which a set of self-monitoring questions are explicitly delivered and modeled actively during and after the process. This would be repeated throughout the term to provide opportunity for improvement.

An example along these lines can be found at: The University of British Columbia, Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative

How and why this tactic is particularly useful for the given population:
This models professional behavior and helps develop necessary skills

Example of how the population would use this tactic:
Students are asked to answer these questions given a published article.
Self-regulated thematic set of questions:

Context and motivation:

Data and analysis:

Geological Assessment:

This concept could be further developed to include mapping of critical reading skills into metacognitive terminology.

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