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Graben in Acheron Fossae, Mars

Internet Resources for Teaching About Mars

This collection of digital resources includes web sites useful for integrating Mars data into commonly taught undergraduate geoscience courses and for teaching planetary geology in general.

Please tell us about your favorite web sites, and we can add them to this collection.


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Meteorites from Mars, Rocks from Canada part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site from the University of Hawaii's Planetary Science Research Discoveries compares rocks from Theo's flow, an unusually thick lava flow in Ontario, to nakhlites, meteorites from Mars. The ...

Mars Meteorite Compendium part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This extensive compilation of data from Martian meteorites is organized rock by rock, with a brief mention of each important paper according to subject (petrology, isotopes, etc.) Chemical and ...

Mars Meteorites part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Of the 24,000 or so meteorites that have been discovered on Earth, only 34 have been identified as originating from the planet Mars. This site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory features a ...

The Chemical Composition of Martian Soil and Rocks Returned by the Mobile Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer: Preliminary Results from the X-ray Mode part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This article presents the chemical composition of six soils and five rocks at the Ares Vallis landing site obtained by the alpha proton x-ray spectrometer on board the rover of the Mars Pathfinder ...

Mineralogy and Geochemistry: Mars Pathfinder Science Results part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center features a geochemical analysis of rocks and soils on the surface of Mars using the rover's Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer. Interestingly, these ...

Martian Meteorites part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site features an easy to use table of information regarding Martian meteorites. The meteorites are sorted according to type and include other information such as mass, type of meteorite, and the ...

Martian Meteorites Record Surface Temperatures on Mars part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site from Planetary Science Research Discoveries at the University of Hawaii uses recent research on using the ages of Martian meteorites to explore the history of surface temperature on Mars. ...