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Graben in Acheron Fossae, Mars

Internet Resources for Teaching About Mars

This collection of digital resources includes web sites useful for integrating Mars data into commonly taught undergraduate geoscience courses and for teaching planetary geology in general.

Please tell us about your favorite web sites, and we can add them to this collection.


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Scientific Visualization Studio: Mars part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site from NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio features many images and animations of the planet Mars. These visualizations were created using data acquired from various satellites and ...

Mars part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This section of the Windows to the Universe web site provides information and images about Mars including detailed information about this planet, space science, Martian atmosphere, Martian weather, ...

Mars Orbiter Camera Images Suggest Recent Sources of Liquid Water on Mars part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is a collection of high-quality photographs of Mars, showing evidence of water. Each photo is available in multiple versions, and is accompanied by a detailed description of what it illustrates.

FUSE Observes Molecular Hydrogen in Mars' Atmosphere part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This site features a summary of recent observations of molecular hydrogen molecules in the atmosphere of Mars taken by the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE). The FUSE measurements differ ...

Recent gullies on Mars and the source of liquid water part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This article from the Journal of Geophysical Research evaluates two mechanisms for the generation of liquid water at the surface of Mars in relation to recently discovered gullies. The first involves ...

An alternative explanation for the 'Buried Channels' on Mars: The gravity signal from a sharp boundary on partially compensated, long-wavelength topography part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This article from Geophysical Research Letters uses data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter to examine the largest trough that flanks Tempe Terra. Contrary to previous research that concluded the ...