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Uses of the Web Site

Website Use During the Workshop

Capturing the Workshop Activities

During the workshop, every attempt should be made to capture all workshop activities. This could include
a) presentations by invited speakers,
b) written summaries of discussion groups (large and small),
c) posters, and representations of other events. The CMS is very flexible and allows us to keep up with posting these materials in near real-time.
Usually these materials are captured with an upload form that is created specifically for the workshop.

Real-Time Web-Authoring

Some workshops are specifically writing workshops. If this is the case, an introduction to the Content Management System should be built into the program, and authors should be given a tutorial in the basic functions. The CMS is both flexible and easily accessible so it is possible that under some circumstances participant authors can create new web-based resources while at the workshop.

Use of Existing On-Line Resources

Many of the next round of On the Cutting Edge workshops may be "encore" performances, so there will already be a substantial set of on-line resources available for use at the workshop. Consider ways that these resources can be integrated into the current program. Make sure that all participants are aware of these resources and where to find them. A brief walk-through of the website with participants might be helpful.

Use of the Website After the Workshop

For Participants

For You: Website Cleanup After the Workshop

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