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Timeline for Convening a Follow-on Workshop and Developing Its Website

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This page describes the process and timeline for planning a Cutting Edge follow-on workshop, and for making sure that the associated web pages are created in a timely manner.

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As Soon as the Workshop is Scheduled: Calculate Your Timeline

More than 3 Months in Advance: Website Development

To create the workshop website:

Read more about creating the workshop website

3 Months Prior to Workshop: Initial Announcement of the Workshop

Read more about workshop advertising

2-3 Months Prior to the Workshop: Workshop Website Development

2 Months Prior to Workshop (1 week after application deadline): Participant Selection

1 Month Prior to Workshop: Registration Deadline

2 Weeks Prior to Workshop: Finalize Program


Immediately Following the Workshop

Read more about how to manage the workshop website before, during and after the workshop

3 Months After the Workshop

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