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Classroom, Lab and Field Exercises in Hydrogeology

Hydrogeology field trip students admire a bailer full of gasoline drawn from a monitoring well at a gas station.

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Western water law project part of Activities
This activity allows students to use role-playing to learn about the connection between surface water and ground water.

Deriving Darcy's Law part of Activities
This exercise involves a constant head permeameter demo, followed by a Think-Pair-Share exercise. The students derive Darcy's Law based on their brain stormed ideas.

Hydrogeologic Mapping part of Activities
A field exercise designed to give the students a visceral understanding of the geometry of the water table and the flow and transport consequences of that geometry.

Using Data From the Arsenic Problem in Bangladesh part of Activities
The Arsenic in drinking water issue in Bangladesh presents a unique opportunity to motivate studying hydrogeology in context of water resources issues in the developing world. Students learn about health and social ...

Using Scant Data in Hydrogeology part of Activities
Using scant data to come to decisions is an integral part in consulting, but most students have little appreciation for it. This PowerPoint presentation gives some examples that can provide a template for classroom ...

Assessment of Potential Well Yield, Gallatin Regional Park MT part of Activities
This is a ground-water-resource-evaluation exercise. The project uses the Montana Ground Water Information Center well data base (accessible from the web) to perform the analysis with static water level, drawdown, ...

Hydrologic Cycle and Water Balance Equation part of Activities
The assignment works with the mass balance equation in concert with the hydrologic cycle. Students create both a conceptual model and a mathematical model to represent the hydrologic cycle for a basin.

Matlab Module to Delineate Zones of Contribution part of Activities
This module includes two Matlab routines to delineate zones of contribution. Students can vary aquifer parameters and stresses and observe the effects on the zone of contribution.

Using the EXCEL Woburn Flow and Transport Model to Teach Modeling Concepts part of Activities
Modeling ties together many subjects taught in an introductory hydrogeology course. The goals of this activity are for students to learn why scientists and engineers use models, what types of models are commonly ...

'A Civil Action' 1-D Transport Game part of Activities
The 'A Civil Action' 1-D Transport Game is executed in an EXCEL spreadsheet and is designed to help students learn why models are used by scientists and engineers and what procedures must be met to ...