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Classroom, Lab and Field Exercises in Hydrogeology

Hydrogeology field trip students admire a bailer full of gasoline drawn from a monitoring well at a gas station.

This collection of teaching materials allows for the sharing of ideas and activities within the community of hydrogeology teachers.

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A Simple Approach to Improve Student Writing part of Activities
I demonstrate a simple approach to help students think and write scientifically/critically. The approach uses the journalistic questions of who, what, where, when, how, and why.

Melting Glaciers, Gravels and Groundwater part of Activities
A spectacular gravel quarry five miles west of Schenectady New York along the Mohawk River is an ideal place to discuss deglaciation history and the development of the ancestral Mohawk Delta building into former ...

Using A Quarry Pump Test to Determine Aquifer Properties, Calculate Water Budgets, and Assess Good Field Practices part of Activities
The exercise provides an opportunity to discuss pump test methods and perform a "worst-case" mass balance of the water pumped by including rainfall as an input.

Creating a Water Table Map for Newark Road Prairie part of Activities
This field exercise emphasizes visualization of the water table over construction of a water table map. Students develop a water table map from scratch, including installing shallow monitoring wells, surveying ...

Non-traditional and under-represented students in hydrogeology: Learning by discovery in an urban environment part of Activities
An example of student-driven, instructor-guided field experiments on a budget. Schools that cater to under-represented students are often those with limited resources, however, student-driven discovery in the field ...

Using GIS to Construct Water Table Maps and Flow Nets part of Activities
Seepage lake elevation data from the Sand Hills of Nebraska is used to construct a water table map and flow net using ESRI's ArcMap software. Students learn how to use GIS software to analyze patterns of ...

Service Learning and Local Hydrogeology in the Classroom: An example from Anchorage, Alaska part of Activities
A semester long project in which students work in small groups to analyze a local hydrogeology issue of importance to the community.

Water and Mud: Linking hydrogeology and landscape change part of Activities
Hydrogeology textbooks usually do a poor job in linking groundwater to Earth's surface processes, yet the two are closely linked. It is important for the hydrogeology student to understand that surface and ...

Hydrogeology Laboratory Semester Project: Hydrogeologic Assessment for CenTex Water Supply, Inc. part of Activities
A semester-long hydrogeology project (groundwater resource assessment) which consists of a series of lab exercises which cover basic hydrogeology concepts while contributing to the overall project. This project ...

Effect of Fractures on Groundwater Flow Patterns part of Activities
This exercise uses TopoDrive (Hsieh, 2001), a simple, easy-to-use model available from the USGS, to explore the effects of fracture heterogeneities on groundwater flow patterns.