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Tell us about your favorite resources  

What are some key references, datasets, visualizations, case studies, web sites or readings that you use while teaching about hurricanes and climate change? Please describe what resources you use and how you use them. In addition to sharing ideas here in the discussion, we will add these to the collections on the website.



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In another thread, I mentioned that I have GIS vector data (shapefiles) of hurricane tracks from NOAA. They are available for download here by basin (Atlantic or Eastern north Pacific) or both basins:

Attached is the entire dataset (both basins)


GIS Hurricane Tracks from NOAA (Zip Archive 1.6MB Oct21 08)


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GFDL has a number of useful references that Tom Knutson did not include:


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Hurricanes in an enhanced C02 climate--see "IPCC Models and Hurricanes":


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For hurricance visualizations per se...
NASA SVS "Towes in the Tempest":


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Help Wanted: Does anyone know of any good online sources of NAO behavior over time? Time series of the NAO Index? For my activity I'd like to have students plot hurricane frequency vs. NAO Index. Unfortunately, I'm missing a critical piece. Thanks in advance!



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I think I've answered my own question. Jim Hurrell at NCAR maintains HTML, ASCII, and Excel versions of NAO indexes from 1860 to present day. Quite a resource!

Here's the URL:


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