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CommentsSuggestions for Workshp Mechanics  

Hi all- This thread is for you to make suggestions or comments regarding the workshop format. I'd welcome feedback on how the program is designed, what you are getting out of it, how the interactions with other participants are going, etc. You are also welcome to email me with comments that you would rather not have out in the public domain.


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Cathy -- I'm feeling a bit disorganized and having a little difficulty moving around the various workshop resources. I'm finding I need to keep open Karin's emails from the past several days which have links to resources which I can't seem to otherwise access from within the left-hand frame's links of the workshop's website. It feels that the phone number is here, the Yugma session ID# is there, the link to the profile pages is somewhere else. As my students remind me regularly, I can be pretty opaque, but would it be possible to get to *every* resource directly from the frame links? ...or am I missing something?


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Hi Rob,

Sure, I can make links to whatever you need (I have that kind of power). But can you give me a little more direction on what you are needing links to?

One thing that can be hard to figure out is that the left-hand menu is two-tiered. Under the workshop section you'll find things that relate specifically to the workshop. If you click on 'Hurricanes Climate Connection' then the workshop menu items disappear and you get a new menu that applies to general references and resources for this topic.

Anyway, let me know what would be helpful and I'll try to arrange things accordingly.



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Hi, Karin!

Sorry to be such a pebble in the shoe; I may have overstated the situation in a bout of calorie deprivation earlier this afternoon... But here's a starter: Profile

I can't seem to get to my Profile page -- either the one I've submitted or the development one -- without going to the Technical Information page, scrolling down, and clicking on the link to 'setting up an account' (or words to that effect). The segment on the Tech Info page on 'creating a profile' doesn't have a means of directly linking to the profile itself. Nor does the link for Participants and Profiles enable me to get to my profile. I'll get used to it, but I'm a slow learner...



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This post was editted by Karin Kirk on Nov, 2008
Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

OK, here are two changes that may help.

1. I added a link to the SERC login on the program page where it says to work on your profile page (Monday afternoon). At least that will save you a bit of searching to get to the login.

2. I added this to the tech page instructions for editing your profile page. It's a shortcut:

A quick way to edit your page is to go to the development version of the page. You can do this by changing the URL as follows:
*insert /dev after the edu in the URL*

Note that you only have permission to see the development version of your own page and you won't be able to see the development version of any other pages. Also, if you are not logged in you will be asked to do so along the way.

Once you are viewing the development version of your page, click the red 'edit' button in the upper right corner and you will go to the editing platform for the page.

I hope this helps! If not, please let me know. One of the nice things about our system is that it's quite flexible. So it's important for us to hear from actual users so we can tune things to work better.


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I keep loosing the Yugma connection in the middle of the talks. Would it be possible for the speakers to mention at which slide they are when they talk like Robert did yesterday after losing his connection? That would help us follow th epresentation from their downloaded powerpoint. Thanks.


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I've also been frustrated trying to sort through all the emails trying to find the phone number, the code, the profile access url to my account profile, and the discussion pages that I can add to. I still haven't found the links to hear and view past sessions... Obviously I found the discussion link, but did miss 90% of the verbal section of today's talks so far because I couldn't dial-in without the code. Having this up front and center on a daily participant email would help a lot, along with the start and stop times for talks.


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Hi Lisa,
I think one good approach is to just head for the program page each morning:

You'll find today's schedule there, and the links to watch and hear past sessions right along with the other information about each session. There's a link at the top of the program page to the technical information page which has the dial-in number and access code at the top as well as the yugma link and the instructions for getting to the profile page.

The navigation menu on the left side of each of these pages includes links to the discussion, program, and technical information pages. So once you've found one you should be able to easily move to the others.

Perhaps Karin can consider also including the yugma url and the dial number/code in the emails that are going out each morning.


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I followed the activity link at the end of the workshop program (Tuesday)and spent around an hour filling in my general activity idea. I filled in the spam filter and pressed submit. Is there a delay in the posting of an activity submission or did I loose the text I typed (I hope not).



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This post was editted by Karin Kirk on Nov, 2008

Don't worry, it's not lost!

There is a delay while either Sean or I upload your text into a web page. That is done now and your page is linked from your profile page. All of the pages so far are also here:

This page shows both the complete and the in-progress activities, for your viewing pleasure.


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The Website Tour is neat. Was that there all the time and I missed it, or is it a recent addition? If the latter, thanks a million -- it's a real help.



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It was nested into the tech page, but then I moved it into its own page on Tuesday morning. Glad it was helpful!


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