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Announcments Instructions Questions  

Greetings workshop participants and welcome to the On the Cutting Edge on-line workshop on the Hurricane-Climate Change connection.

This is our first ever on-line workshop of this size. We are excited to begin! By way of introduction, we hope that you will post a question or a brief introductory remark to the 'Welcome' thread, if you have not already.

The primary goal of this workshop is to help you better teach about the Hurricane-Climate Change connection. To this end, we have put together a program that allows you to to learn more about the science exploring this connection, to see examples of how others are currently teaching about this topic, and to work on an activity for use in your own teaching. These activities will become part of the On the Cutting Edge website and help other faculty who are teaching this topic.

The plan for the workshop is laid out in the program . We will keep this up to date with events as the week unfolds. This discussion thread will be used for overall announcements, instructions, questions, and clarifications. Please post here freely. You can also email Karin or me if you have a question you are hesitant to post.

On Monday we have two goals. First we want to focus on the science. What is known about the hurricane-climate change connections? We have two presentations by experts in the field (11:00 and 1:00 Central time), as well as suggestions for further reading (check out the

We will use the discussion board for questions and answers after the presentations. We also encourage you to ask any other questions about the science that you may have. We want to leave today with a strong understanding of the science as a foundation for our work designing teaching activities.

Second, we want you to begin thinking about how you want to use this science to develop a new teaching activity for your course. To this end, we would like you to finish the initial work on your profile page; addressing those topics presented in the earlier email:

- Introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your background, teaching,
and interests.
- Do you already use an activity that relates to the connection between
hurricanes and climate change? If so, describe it briefly.
- During the course of next week's workshop, what type of teaching
activity would you like to work on?
- What course would your new teaching activity be used in?
- Why are you interested in this approach?

If you have teaching activities on hurricanes and climate change that you would like to share with the other participants, please be sure that activity sheets (
describing them are completed by the end of the day and linked to your profile page. Tomorrow we will focus on learning about each others current work -- so your page will have lots of visitors!

I want to close by thanking our sponsors. You can find out all about the On the Cutting Edge program at . We have had generous funding from the National Science Foundation program on Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement. On the Cutting Edge is sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers . We encourage you to become a member of this important organization supporting Geoscience education.

Here we go!


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