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1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Visualizations

This site from the Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations Collection at SERC features the great earthquake that struck San Francisco on April 18, 1906, and the fire that developed afterward. This ...

Discover Our Earth

The Discover Our Earth collection is designed to enhance learning of Earth Science topics including earthquakes, volcanoes, topography, plate tectonics and sea level change. Discover our Earth is a ...

Plate Tectonics and Sea-Floor Spreading: Maps and Graphics, etc.

This page offers access to maps and graphics of earthquakes, active volcanoes and plate tectonics for the world, the Cascade Range , Juan de Fuca Ridge, Gorda Ridge and Axial Seamount in North ...

How Japan Shifted

This map, from ESRI, shows how much the earth's surface in Japan shifted because of tectonic plate movement following the March 2011 earthquake. Viewers can use the time slider tool to also see the ...

Crustal structure and tectonics from the Los Angeles basin to the Mojave Desert, southern California
A seismic refraction and low-fold reflection survey, known as the Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment (LARSE), was conducted along a transect extending from Seal Beach, California, to the Mojave ...

Micro-Blocks in Southern California

This SCEC-VDO movie shows how faults are bounding surfaces of micro-blocks of the earth's crust. The Southern California Earthquake Center's Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO) is 3D ...

Southern California ShakeOut

These compelling earthquake simulations show ground movement and wave propagation as an earthquake rupture propagates along the San Andreas Fault. These simulations are from the Great Southern ...

Geology photo search page

This page contains a search engine to locate specific photos by keyword. All photos are freely downloadable and are at resolutions sufficient for power point.

Determining Earthquake Probability and Recurrence from Past Seismic Events

Students completing this homework and in-class exercise use historical data from small earthquakes to estimate the recurrence interval of They are encouraged to examine sampling limitations, ...

USArray GMV for Near East Coast OF Honshu, Japan Event

This site, from EarthScope, features a groundmotion movie (Quicktime) of North American crust nearly 6 minutes after the terrible Japan earthquake.

Our Dynamic Planet

This CD-ROM consists of tools for learner investigations of data that support the theory of Plate Tectonics. Data are accessible through a point and click interface with extensive online help. This ...

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