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1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Visualizations

This site from the Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations Collection at SERC features the great earthquake that struck San Francisco on April 18, 1906, and the fire that developed afterward. This ...

Event-Based Science: Remote Sensing Activities

Event-Based Science is a new way to teach science by using newsworthy events to establish the relevance of science topics. Interviews, photographs, web pages, and inquiry-based science activities ...

The Southern California Integrated GPS Network Education Module

This educational module was designed to allow students to interactively explore the use of SCIGN (Southern California Integrated GPS Network) and its data in earthquake studies. It is divided into ...

GeoEye 2010 Haiti Earthquake Satellite photos

This half-meter resolution satellite image shows Port-au-Prince, Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the area on Jan. 12, 2010. The image clearly shows extensive damage, roads covered with ...

Haiti Damage Assessment Satellite Maps

This page from the Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information includes a variety of low-, medium-, and high-resolution damage assessment maps showing the damage following the Haiti Earthquake.


This is a risk assessment software program that contains models for estimating potential losses from floods, hurricane winds and earthquakes. Loss estimates produced by HAZUS are based on current ...

Windows Into Wonderland - Yellowstone Electronic Field Trips

This site contains slide shows and virtual field trips of Yellowstone National Park. There are several slide shows to chose from, including wolves of Yellowstone, bear research, fire ecology, the ...

Haiti MapServer - GIS data

This page from the University of Kansas provides links to GIS data from the Haiti Earthquake. The map is a georeferenced version of a 1994 Defense Mapping Agency 1:12,500 scale map of Port-au-Prince ...

Digital Globe sample imagery gallery: Port au Prince, Haiti

This viewer presents imagery produced by Digital Globe of Haiti both before and after the earthquake on January 12, 2010. Users can select "before" imagery, select a ...

SAGUARO: Science and GIS Unlocking Analysis and Research Opportunities

The SAGUARO project CD-ROM features three learning modules that use GIS to learn about earth system science. The three modules - Exploring Tropical Cyclones, Exploring the Dynamic Earth, and ...

SERTIT satellite maps of Haiti

This page from SERTIT Rapid Mapping includes a collection of annotated satellite maps (some in French) showing damage distribution, gathering areas, water sources, and other information.

Haiti Earthquake Maps and Data - Google Earth Library

This page includes links to all kinds of spatial data on the Haiti earthquake. Along with a few Google Earth (kmz) files, links are also provided to general maps of Haiti as well as seismic maps.

First Satellite Map of Haiti Earthquake

This page from the European Space Agency links to a high-resolution satellite photo of Port au Prince after the earthquake. Roads, airports, hospitals, and other major building locations are plotted ...

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