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Geophotography Webinar Series

This event has already taken place

The geosciences rely heavily on photographic images as one of the most important means by which information is recorded and shared. Geophotography encompasses a number of genres: landscape and outcrop photography, mineral specimen photography, paleontological photography, repeat photography, time-lapse photography, photomicroscopy, and much more. However, rarely is any training afforded or forethought given to the photography of geologic features and processes. This workshop was convened to help geoscientists improve their photographic skills to enhance the creation and use of geo-imagery in research and instructional practices.

Schedule and Topics

Workshop sessions were held on Tuesdays from late February through early April, 2013.

The individual workshop sessions were recorded, and a streaming video is posted on each session page.

Workshop Goals and Expectations

The goals of the workshop were to:

Workshop participants were expected to:


These webinars were conducted using the Blackboard Collaborate software package (formerly Elluminate) for presentations, screen sharing and real-time chat between participants and presenters. Audio was handled through a separate conference call telephone line. We welcome participation by anyone on the discussion board for these topics, whether you attended a webinar or not.

Registration and Fee Payment

This event has already taken place. The cost of the 5-session workshop was $145 (or $100 for NAGT members; learn more about becoming a member of NAGT). Our National Science Foundation grant provided funding for the remainder of the operational costs of the workshop.

Workshop Conveners

For questions or more information contact: David Mogk ( or Molly Kent (

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