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These illustrated essays have been contributed by participants in the Teaching Geomorphology in the 21st Century workshop in 2008. The vignettes are drafts that are being written and revised by the participants and are not finished products.


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"Mitigate or migrate?": Marsh loss and sea level around Chesapeake Bay
Ben DeJong
The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (BNWR) on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA is a major destination for bird-watchers worldwide. Set aside as a refuge in 1938, BNWR (Fig 1) is part of a one of the largest ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Tectonic Geomorphology, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Geoscience:Geology:Tectonics, Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes, Landforms/Processes:Coastal-zone, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Climate/Paleoclimate
Vignette Type: Process

Human-Induced Floodplain Sedimentation in the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin: Consequences on Riparian Ecosystems
Eric Booth
The Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin (Figure 1) is a unique region in the Upper Midwest, USA, because it escaped the direct effects of continental glaciation. In contrast, surrounding areas have been ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Hillslopes, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landscape Evolution, Modeling/Physical Experiments, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Landforms/Processes:Fluvial, Glacial/Periglacial, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes
Vignette Type: Process, Stratigraphy

Does Moss Grow on A Rolling Stone? Assessing the Influence of Hydrologic Regime on Bed Load Transport and In-Stream Primary Producers in Steep Mountain Channels
Christopher Tennant
Conceptual Setup It has long been realized that earth systems are open, interconnected, and exhibit complex and emergent patterns as a result of natural forcings. As an example of such interactions, consider the ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Landforms/Processes:Fluvial, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes
Vignette Type: Process

Volcanic History and Cinder Cone Erosion at Newberry Volcano, Oregon
Steve Taylor
Surface landforms result from a balance of constructional and erosional processes operating at geological time scales of 102 to 105 years. The landscape evolves over time as masses of earth material are transferred ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Volcanoes, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landscape Evolution, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, GIS/Mapping/Field Techniques, Landforms/Processes, Dating and Rates
Vignette Type: Chronology, Computation

Rock glaciers: their ice and debris balances
Brian Whalley
Rock glaciers are best defined by their topography (Fig. 1) and that they flow slowly. Their dynamic character is attributed to the flow of ice deforming the associated weathered rock debris. Typically, they flow ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Glacial/Periglacial, Mass Movement, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Landforms/Processes, Dating and Rates, Climate/Paleoclimate
Vignette Type: Chronology, Computation, Process

Geomorphic history controls the locations of fresh-water wetlands on barrier islands, Virginia's Atlantic shore
Rich Whittecar, Old Dominion University
Fresh-water ponds on low sand islands Native Americans, pirates and the early European colonists used them. Ship-wreaked sailors owe their survival to them. Fresh-water ponds somehow seem out of place, though, ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Landforms/Processes:Coastal-zone
Vignette Type: Stratigraphy, Process

Challenges associated with investigations into the geomorphology of other worlds: A case study examining glacier-like forms in the mid-latitudes of Mars
Colin Souness
Ever since global imagery of Mars was first gathered and transmitted back to Earth in 1971 by the Mariner 9 orbiter, geomorphologists have remarked upon the abundance of landforms which seem to suggest the action ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes, Landscape Evolution, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Dating and Rates, Landforms/Processes:Glacial/Periglacial, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Arid Region Geomorphology, Climate/Paleoclimate
Vignette Type: Process

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