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Geomorphology Vignettes

These illustrated essays have been contributed by participants in the Teaching Geomorphology in the 21st Century workshop in 2008. The vignettes are drafts that are being written and revised by the participants and are not finished products.


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Marine Geomorphology: Geomorphic Processes, Hazards, and Paradoxes in Monterey Canyon
Douglas Smith
Introduction While traditional geomorphic studies focus on the geologic processes and products that shape our terrestrial topography, there are equally exciting opportunities to explore the other 71% of the planet ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Mass Movement, Coastal-zone, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Environmental Science:Natural Hazards:Earthquakes, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Dating and Rates, GIS/Mapping/Field Techniques
Vignette Type: Process, Computation

Automatic extraction of flow paths from digital elevation models
Kyungrock Paik, Korea University
Once a raindrop falls on the ground, it flows downward. During this journey, the raindrop joins other raindrops and the mass/volume of the water increases, flowing along creeks, streams, and rivers. This is called ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Modeling/Physical Experiments, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines
Vignette Type: Computation

Rock glaciers: their ice and debris balances
Brian Whalley
Rock glaciers are best defined by their topography (Fig. 1) and that they flow slowly. Their dynamic character is attributed to the flow of ice deforming the associated weathered rock debris. Typically, they flow ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Glacial/Periglacial, Mass Movement, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, Landforms/Processes, Dating and Rates, Climate/Paleoclimate
Vignette Type: Chronology, Computation, Process

Volcanic History and Cinder Cone Erosion at Newberry Volcano, Oregon
Steve Taylor
Surface landforms result from a balance of constructional and erosional processes operating at geological time scales of 102 to 105 years. The landscape evolves over time as masses of earth material are transferred ...

Subject: Geomorphology: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landforms/Processes:Volcanoes, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology:Landscape Evolution, Geomorphology as applied to other disciplines, GIS/Mapping/Field Techniques, Landforms/Processes, Dating and Rates
Vignette Type: Chronology, Computation

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