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Geodesy Tools & Data



The University of Miami Geodesy lab web page contains illustrated primers on tools such as GPS, DORIS, and SAR.
Unavco supports geoscience education using geodesy, and has an extensive list of science applications of space geodesy, including: Solid Earth, Geotechnical, Cryosphere, Hydrology, Ocean, Atmosphere & Ionosphere applications.

Using GPS


NASA's Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS) supports data archiving and distribution of raw data for GNSS (GPS and GLONASS), SLR, VLBI, and DORIS data sets.

Software | UNAVCO (more info) 3D tool to display and explore geodesy information. Data sets include Seismology, Geodynamics (GPS velocities, plate boundaries, the geoid, InSAR images, etc.), Geophysics, geologic maps and cross sections, and more.

Education | UNAVCO (more info) GPS data sets based on pre-identified Earth Science topics

University Navstar Consortium GPS Site Motion Vector/Crustal Velocity Archive (more info) UNAVCO GPS site motion vector archive. Includes project information, maps, links, data, and metadata from regional and global GPS analyses.