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Activities in Progress

These activities are in the process of being developed by workshop participants. Participants can view each other's work but will be asked to log in to their SERC account to do so.


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Field Trip Portfolio
Cheryl Emerson Resnick, Illinois Central College
Portfolio includes topographic maps, written descriptions, photographs, and field sketches of three field areas in central Illinois. Student explanations must include their understanding of the geologic history and ...

Structural and bedrock mapping along the York Rd, Lewis and Clark County, Montana
Miriam Barquero-Molina, University of Missouri-Columbia
This is a road mapping exercise with which students can get acquainted with the concept of detailed "structural mapping," combined with bedrock lithological mapping, and interpretation of structural data

Integrated Field Project in Structural Geology and Sedimentology/Stratigraphy
Lawrence L. Malinconico, Lafayette College
By combining the curricular and learning objectives across traditionally separate undergraduate courses in Sedimentology/Stratigraphy and Structural Geology, Lafayette College has developed an innovative year-long ...

Rubric for field notes/field books
Eric Pyle, James Madison University
This is a rubric for assessing student work with field note-taking. It provides clear expectations to students before any field assignment commences. This rubric is derived from the work of the sub-committee at the ...

In-Field Assessment Protocols
Joshua Caulkins, University of Rhode Island
An "in-field assessment protocol" has been developed with two aims in mind: (1) to provide timely, substantive feedback to novice mapping students at our 2nd and 3rd year field schools and (2) to quickly ...

Coyote Creek Geologic Map
Tim Walsh, Wayland Baptist University
Students are required to make field observations, collect data and then create a detailed geologic map and report for a small area (approximately 1 sq. mile) on the edge of the Tularosa Basin in south central New ...

Stream Dynamics and the Urban Environment
Anne Hall, Emory University
This field activity focuses on stream dynamics and urban development. Students determine stream discharge and observe riparian conditions for a local wadeable urban stream. After the field trip, students delineate ...

Lithologic/Memoir Rubric for Field Activities
Eric Pyle, James Madison University
This is a scoring rubric that has been used over the last two years in the JMU field course. It specifically targets student performance in knowledge, skills, and dispositions as expressed in their written ...

SAGE student evaluation form
Larry Braile, Purdue University-Main Campus
SAGE Student Evaluation Form - completed by students at the end of SAGE summer program.

Rubric for maps and cross-sections
Eric Pyle, James Madison University
This is a scoring rubric for assessing student geologic maps and cross-sections, as used by the JMU Field Course.

Charles Lindgren, Gates Intermediate School
Students will go to a webpage and evaluate four North American sand samples from roughly the same latitude. Two of the samples will come from the east coast, and two ...

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