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Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
Donna Anderson

Resource Type: Course Information: Activities:Field Activity:Field camp, Course Information

Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach GeoscienceAn Illustrated Community Discussion
Nick Zentner, Central Washington University
Thinking about majoring in Geology? Let's spend two weeks in beautiful Owens Valley, CA making geologic maps with other students new to geology! Course strengths: basic mapping skills learned, bonding of ...

Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information, Activities:Field Activity:Field camp

Sarita Wetland Restoration
Suzanne Savanick, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College, Based on a Water Quality class taught by Jim Perry, University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Sustainable Campus Initiative, coordinated by Suzanne Savanick.
The Sarita Wetland restoration on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus is used as teaching tools by numerous classes. Students, staff and faculty have collaborated on the planning and implementation of ...

Subject: Biology:Ecology:Metabolism, Geoscience:Hydrology:Surface Water, Biology:Ecology
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Course Site:Course Notes, Activities:Field Activity:Research experiences for students, Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

Designing a sedimentary geology course around field-based class projects that yield publishable research
James Ebert, SUNY College at Oneonta
Field-based research projects can be the heart of a course in sedimentary geology. Course content, organization, readings and laboratory experiences are dictated by the nature of the specific project. Less content ...

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Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Sedimentary Geology:Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Structures, Depositional environments, Facies and Facies Models, Techniques of Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentary Textures , Provenance
Resource Type: Course Information: Activities:Project, Course Information, Activities:Field Activity

Increasing the Effectiveness of Undergraduate Field Camp Through the Integration of Preparatory Courses
William W. Little, Brigham Young University-Idaho
Four courses; Introduction to Field Geology, Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, and Advanced Field Methods have been linked to optimize use of time at field camp.

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Sedimentary Geology:Techniques of Sedimentary Geology
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information, Activities:Field Activity

Introduction to Geophysics
Michael Harris, James Madison University
An introduction to the theories of geophysical methods, concentrating on shallow-level and environmental issues. Gravity, magnetics, electrical resistivity, IP and SP measurements, seismic refraction and ...

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geophysics
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

Introduction to Field Geophysics
William Montgomery, New Jersey City University
Introduction to the use of geophysical equipment and techniques to explore the subsurface, especially the shallow subsurface, in order to answer questions or solve problems.

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geophysics:Exploration Methods
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

Environmental Geophysics
Lawrence L. Malinconico, Lafayette College
The students are exposed to the geophysical methods that geologists and civil engineers use to examine a number of different geological and environmental problems. While it will be important to understand the ...

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geophysics:Exploration Methods, Geoscience:Geology:Environmental Geology
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

Cathy Baker, Arkansas Tech University
Geomorphology is an upper level course which provides a thorough background in land forms and the processes that shape the Earth's surface.

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

Quaternary Geology/Quaternary Global Change
Glenn Thackray, Idaho State University
This course has evolved from a traditional Quaternary Geology course to become an Earth systems science course focusing on processes and history of the Quaternary. It emphasizes a combination of theory, field and ...

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology
Resource Type: Course Information: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi

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