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Participant Checklist

First come, first served (as soon as possible):

Special Activity Review. The 20 spots available for this portion of the workshop were assigned first come, first served, based on registration date/time. The team is now full. Thanks!

Recipients will receive a $700 stipend towards travel and lodging and meals. The 20 spots available for this portion of the workshop were assigned first come, first served, based on registration date/time. We will be using lab computers on the MSU campus or your own laptops if you bring them.

For over a decade the geoscience community has asked for a reviewed collection of teaching activities, and this has been a high priority for our sponsors at NSF as well. Over the past number of years we have acquired a pretty substantial collection of volunteered and contributed teaching activities, and we're very thankful to have this rich collection of resources available for use by the community. But we are now in position to realize the goal of having this collection fully reviewed.

As participant in the Environmental Geology workshop we are asking your help to provide reviews for at least 5 activities. The benefits of reviewing are that you will be exposed to a number of really good ideas about how to teach about Environmental Geology, and through the review, you will hopefully gain insights into what goes into a really good teaching activity.

The plan is this: during April and May you will be assigned ~5 teaching activities to review on line. We will generally follow the procedures we established in last year's Teaching Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry workshop (you can get an overview at: activity_review.html ). We'll send out more details on April 1, but basically, you will access the current ActivitySheet for a given activity, will rate it according to scientific accuracy, pedagogic effectiveness, robustness (all parts are complete and work correctly), and a few other related criteria. Each review should take about 30 minutes or so. Your evaluation and narrative comments will be compiled and forwarded to the authors. Activities that achieve a very high rating will be recognized as part of our "Exemplary" collection, and the remainder will be recognized as having been peer-reviewed (and a few may be deaccessioned). That's the online review process to be done prior to the workshop.

As an added incentive, we are pleased to be able to offer an additional stipend to up to 20 individuals who could arrive at the workshop for 2 days of focused review activity. Travel would be on Wednesday May 30, the review team would work on the MSU campus on Thurs (May 31) and Friday (June 1) to finish the remainder of the reviews. We will have a one day field trip on Saturday June 2 as a refresher (a beautiful drive down the Madison Valley, Hebgen Lake Earthquake Area and back to Bozeman for the opening session that evening). We can offer a stipend of $700 that will cover the cost of the additional days lodging, meals, field trip cost, and honorarium (to help offset your personal travel expenses) for your added contributions to getting the reviews completed. We can provide this offer to the first 20 participants who respond affirmatively

By March 12:

Workshop StipendIf you were not part of the group that is meeting before the workshop to review teaching activities, you had the option of applying for funding to offset your participation in the workshop. That deadline is now passed.

By April 1:

By May 1:

By May 15:

By June 1:

Before arriving at the workshop:

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