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These online resources live on the broader web outside of On the Cutting Edge.


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This downloadable, interactive module introduces students to the types of volcanoes, as well as their eruptive products and the hazards associated with them. Used in conjunction with the 'Eruption!' ...
Subject: Environmental Science:Natural Hazards:Volcanism

Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences

David Mayo, Robert Desharnais, Gary Novak
This site is a collection of interactive, inquiry-based learning exercises for variety of science topics. Activities are grouped by category and include earthquakes and seismicity, global warming, ...
Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Structural Geology, Historical Geology, Geoscience:Hydrology, Biology, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Greenhouse effect, Environmental Science:Natural Hazards:Earthquakes, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Climate Change:Greenhouse effect
Resource Type: Activities, Scientific Resources:Collection

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes

Jean Beard, Craig Nelson, Martin Nickles
This is a collection of classroom lessons to help high school biology teachers more effectively teach basic concepts in the areas of evolution and the nature of science. They were developed and ...
Subject: Biology:Evolution, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Evolution, Education, Biology
Resource Type: Activities, :Lab Activity, Classroom Activity

Earth Materials and Public Health

This is a journal article that describes the current status of five well-known earth materials that regulatory agencies, such as the EPA, have identified as significant health risks. The article ...
Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Mineralogy:Environmental Mineralogy, Physical Properties, Geoscience:Geology:Environmental Geology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work

Water-Borne Illnesses

In this curricular unit, students learn how water becomes contaminated with specific water-borne diseases, read personal accounts of unsafe water, and work together to brainstorm solutions to the ...
Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology:Surface Water:Water Management and Policy, Water Quality/Chemistry , Geoscience:Hydrology, Environmental Science:Water Quality and Quantity, Policy:Global Policy, Geoscience:Hydrology:Ground Water:Water and society, policy, and management, Environmental Science:Human Population:Developing/Developed Countries
Resource Type: Activities:Classroom Activity, Project

NOAA Interactive GIS Climate Maps

This website contains an interactive GIS map with global temperatures, precipitation, ecosystems, population and other layers. The tool can zoom in and out, provide limited geographic information, ...
Subject: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Environmental Science:Ecosystems, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Measurements, Geography:Geospatial
Resource Type: Datasets and Tools:Datasets with Tools, Datasets

Climate Time Line Evaluation Resources

Mark McCaffrey
This website describes an evaluation tool used to determine the effectiveness of a climate timeline website. The climate timeline is an online tool allowing users to examine climate change and ...
Subject: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Paleoclimate records, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Climate Change:Paleoclimate records
Resource Type: Datasets and Tools:Datasets with Tools

Exploring the Earth: Teacher Pages

Robert Myers, Jim Botti
This sub-site contains a variety of resources to assist teachers using scenarios and activities from Exploring the Environment, an Earth system education site. The page includes links to planning, ...
Subject: Environmental Science
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection

Exploring Earth

Using imagery and visualizations, this site offers investigations of almost every Earth science topic imaginable. It is structured to follow the unit and chapter headings of an Earth science ...
Subject: Geoscience:Oceanography, Atmospheric Science, Hydrology, Lunar and Planetary Science, Environmental Science, :Ecosystems:Biogeochemical cycling, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Geoscience:Geology
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Collections, Pedagogic Resources, :Collection, Audio/Visual:Animations/Video

Scorecard: Get the Facts on Local Pollution

Scorecard provides environmental maps with a pollution locator to search by area, for the following subjects: criteria air pollutants, hazardous air pollutants, lead hazards, lead contamination, ...
Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology, Atmospheric Science, Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Air quality, Biology, Environmental Science:Air Quality:Pollutants, Environmental Science:Waste:Toxic and Hazardous Wastes, Waste Solid :Industrial Waste, Landfills, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Air quality:Pollutants, Environmental Science:Water Quality and Quantity:Point Source Pollution
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Maps, Datasets and Tools:Datasets

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